Canberra Coffee Subscriptions

The best thing about Perk is that no matter where you are in Australia, you can still expect the same thing from from your subscription!

Canberra is home to more than a few great coffee roasters. We're always on the lookout for roasters from every state so we can represent the full range of coffees being roasted around the country, and Canberra is no exception! If we haven't featured a roaster from Canberra or from the ACT yet, then we've definitely got one on the roster for an upcoming release.

And even though you may not be in the same city as us, or as the roaster we're featuring on a given month, you can still expect the same things from Perk as everyone else. We still send out great coffees with 100% free shipping. We still have the widest range of grind sizes available of any coffee subscription service in Australia. And we still donate to collect at least 1kg of ocean plastic for every 1kg of coffee we send out with Perk. 

You can read more about everything we do right here on the What Makes Perk Different page, or head to the Subscriptions page and get your plan started, and see for yourself what Perk is all about!