July 2023 - Timely Coffees

July 2023 — Timely Coffees

For the month of July, we're featuring coffees by Timely Coffees. To learn more, visit timelycoffees.com.au or follow @timelycoffees on Instagram!

An interview with Timely Coffees

What's one thing we should know about you?

We are a values-driven business, guided by our principles, ethics, and vision. We put these things before all else at all times. The fact that our core values clearly and wholeheartedly guide us helps us create a brand that we are proud of and that you can be proud to support.⁠

What excites you about coffee?

Connecting with producers is what excites us about coffee. We are not Fair Trade certified, and we don't look for coffees that carry this brand. Instead, we are connecting with the producers we work with more and more to guarantee the money they are receiving is fair and equitable. These are the people we rely on, and our success is only possible if theirs is also a priority. In the past, we've negotiated prices that are not only 25% above the market rate (otherwise known as the "C-Price"), but we have heard from producers that "this is the most anyone in my family has ever received for coffee". Our goal is to create sustainable change throughout the supply chain, and this is only possible with stronger connections between us and those we rely on so closely

If you could recommend one song to listen to while drinking your coffee, what would it be?


Lipstick Lover by Janelle Monáe

Round Robin

Railaco Processing Station

Colombia (Bruselas Municipality) + Brazil (Carmo de Minas Municipality)

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
We love how pronounced this coffee is. It's got a punchy acidity that cuts really well through milk, and it's also smooth and rich, and offers a syrupy mouthfeel that keeps us coming back for more!

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Joel Miller from The Last of Us, played by Pedro Pascal. Joel is rugged and bold, and you're never really sure if he's the good guy or not — this coffee is much the same. It's got an edge that leaves you wanting more!

What's one interesting fact about where this coffee was grown?

The Colombian portion of this coffee was grown in Bruselas. This area, which is home to smallholder coffee producers, has perfect agroclimatic conditions to grow coffee; high elevation, steady rainfall, and temperatures that are not too hot or too cold.

The Brazilian portion of this coffee is comprised entirely of natural process coffees. The utmost care is taken in the selection of only the ripest cherries for this coffee. Following the sorting process, the coffee is sun-dried on patios for a period of three days, followed by mechanical drying for 72 hours or more, until the optimal moisture level is achieved.

Timor-Leste (Ermera Municipality)

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
The best thing about this coffee is that it is sticky and sweet. It's got a stone-fruit sweetness that reminds us of apricot jam on toast, which is beautifully balanced by its plummy acidity. This coffee is the perfect pick-me-up that you can pair with your afternoon tea!

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?

Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. Rarely intimidated, playful, and always down for an adventure. This coffee reminds us of just that!

What's one interesting fact about where this coffee was grown?

This coffee lot is a contribution to the Railaco Processing Station in Timor-Leste's Ermera Municipality. As coffee production is a vital source of income for over a third of households in the country, there is a strong commitment to improving the quality of coffee produced.






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