September 2018: Leftfield Coffee

September 2018: Leftfield Coffee



Leftfield Coffee is the newest venture from a team of premium Perth coffee roasters with over 20 years of experience in the craft. 

Here at Coffee Snob, we have been drinking LeftField Coffee for a while now and are very excited to be featuring them. Hipsteria and Larry Cherubino are both top notch blends.

When picking up September's orders we managed to catch head roaster Felipe for a chat to get some insight into what goes into crafting such quality coffee. After talking to Felipe it became very clear that he is passionate about his work and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience and this definitely shines through in the coffee offered this month. 

"We love roasting on little Rosie and big Rosie, our two old school German roasters designed in the 1950’s. Rosie is operated manually, without the use of computers. She has been purpose build for artisan coffee roasters to apply a gentle touch and coax out the finest flavours from our specialty grade single origins. We are one of the few roasters in Perth to roast manually but we feel that this delivers the best quality coffee possible. There are easier ways to roast but that simply wouldn’t bring us joy!"

"As a wholesale café supplier, we love to layer nuances and build flavour complexity in our coffee blends so they perform consistently for you. We create blends that are brimming with flavours that will have your customers coming back for more. It’s an exciting time to be a coffee roaster in Perth. High quality coffee is the norm and cafés are choosing to partner with a local roaster to get fresh coffee."

"We think outside the box and we do things differently because we’re Leftfie"


The roasts:


Espresso - Larry Cherubino.

"Winemaker Larry Cherubino asked us to craft a blend in the roman style. It has a creamy richness that's perfect in an espresso and is utterly syrupy with sugar.

A superb Brazilian coffee gives texture, acid balance and extra body to compliment milk."


Brazil - Santo Antonio, natural 1600masl

Ethiopia - Kochare, natural 1800masl

Colombia - La Union, Narino washed 1600masl

Sumatra - Blue Bianca, billing basa 1800masl

Tasting notes: Toasty pastry notes & generous brown sugar finish with a satisfying kick.


Filter - Hipsteria

(Coffee Snob loves Hipsteria) 


Ethiopia - Kochare, natural 1800masl

Brazil - Santo Antonio, natural 1600masl

Colombia - Narino De Alban, washed 1800masl 

Burundi - Runyinya washed 1600masl 

Out of Leftfield, this blend is a nod to our bearded friends. It has been crafted to highlight the lifted aromatics & inherent fruity notes of each coffee.

Bright and confident, perfect for plunger or filter.

Tasting notes: Gentle roasting accentuates softer caramel development and a smooth, candy sweetness.

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