October 2021: Open Plan Coffee Roasters

October 2021: Open Plan Coffee Roasters

Welcome to our October blog post where we get to meet our new featured roaster Open Plan Coffee Co, delivered to you by one Coffee Snob. Open Plan is a boutique cafe and roastery located in North Perth, Western Australia.

Headed up by roaster and owner Tim Pullin, open plan has a focus on special uncommon coffee from less well known farms.


Established in 2016, Open Plan Coffee Roasters in North Perth have been on a mission. Open Plan began by roasting solely on a 2.5kg Coffee-Tech FZ-94 to cater to the local community. Moving forward to 2021, they have now expanded with a second roastery in O’Connor south of Perth, acquiring a 30kg Has Garanti roaster to help get the job done. The goal from day one - transparency, detail & relationships.

Owner & head roaster, Tim Pullin, has been around the coffee and hospitality industry for 20 years and now more than ever gets excited by the prospect of sourcing, sampling and roasting new coffees and developing new blending options. A high level of attention to detail ensures, quality & repeatability.

Tim Pullin doing what he does best.

Tim Pullin doing what he does best.

Featured Roasts:

This month Open plan have supplied us with two stellar single origins (one natural and one Anaerobic Fermentation) and a classic blend for espresso.

Espresso - Parity Blend

This Coffee, made up of beans from three different origins is creamy and desert like with milk while still carrying a balanced acidity as espresso.

Origin - Brazil Dolce Cerrado, Colombia, Guatemala Todos Santos and Colombia, Cauca

Varietal -  Yellow Catuai, Pacamarca and Caturra

Process -Natural, washed

Tasting notes - Silky sweet Caramel and raw cacao



Filter: Santo Antonio

Origin - Brazil, Minas Gerais

Varietal - yellow Catuai

MASL - 1160m

Process - Natural

Tasting notes - Burnt Butter, peach and dark chocolate with red apple acidity.





Select: For our select subscribers this months we have an experimental coffee from the village of Halo Beriti, Ethiopia. Roasted two different ways for filter and espresso.

Origin - Yirgacheffe

Varietal - yellow Catuai

MASL - 2000-2200m

Process - Anaerobic Fermentation

Tasting notes - Dark Chocolate, honey and tropical fruit

Huge thanks to Tim and the team at Open Plan Coffee Roasters for being our featured roasters this month. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy month - CS

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