October 2019: Stay Grounded Coffee

October 2019: Stay Grounded Coffee

Stay Grounded Coffee Roasters


26KM north of Perth’s CBD in a quiet Joondalup street, sits Stay Grounded Coffee Roasters. The brain child of head roaster and owner Andrew, Stay grounded is an up and coming name in the Perth coffee scene. On the Stay Grounded shelves you will find beans from origins all over the world and a refreshing, no nonsense roasting style that we are lucky enough to feature this month.

This month we are excited to bring you a signature blend on espresso and a Colombian single origin for filter.


We caught up with Andrew for a chat on all things coffee and how he Stays Grounded!

How did you get started in the coffee industry ?

“ I started as a Barista and learnt about coffee, as time progressed I got more interested in the science of the roasting game to the point of going out on my own.”

Can you tell us a little about your roasting style and what you aim for?

“So our Roasting style stems from what we think WA is after, a clean sweet medium roast. We are after consistency and that is why we choose to use an IMF Roaster as for us, consistency is number one. One thing we hate is bitter or harsh coffee and thats why we spend so much time cupping. When it comes to roasters, who’s right and who’s wrong? We let the customer decide.

What do you think of the coffee scene in Perth?

”Wow what can I say, it’s changing day by day. The seen here is amazing and I love the support the most roasters give when help is needed. This never used to be the case but networking is the key.”

Filter or espresso?

    “For us, both! We have so much to choose from keep following us for some new stuff arriving next month.”

    Can you give us a run down on the featured roasts?

    “Well the mighty Confectionery blend, this is our creation of what our customers love. With notes of sweet chocolate, and lets be honest who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate? The Colombian Tabi is clean clean clean with lemon, lime and sweet notes. this is a micro lot from Colombia and is a great all rounder.”

    Coffee Snob staff have been loving this blend as espresso over ice in the warm Perth weather.

    Coffee Snob staff have been loving this blend as espresso over ice in the warm Perth weather.

    The roasts:

    Espresso - Confectionary Blend

    Origin - Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil

    Tasting notes - Sweet Cocoa, Caramel, Hazelnut Finish

    Roaster says: “25gr in and 48gr out over 32 sec is the best result.”

    Colombian single origin in AeroPress, stunning.

    Colombian single origin in AeroPress, stunning.

    Filter - Colombian Tabi

    Origin - Colombia

    Varietal - Tabi

    Process - Washed

    Tasting notes - Lemon. Floral, Lime, Nectarine.

    Roaster says: “Well, just pick what you like. Use a course grind and just play with it, easy”

    Thank you Andrew at Stay Grounded Coffee Roasters.

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