October 2018: Laika Coffee Roasters

October 2018: Laika Coffee Roasters


Hidden away in a leafy street in Lathlain East of Perth sits Laika Coffee Roasters.


“Laika Coffee is a cafe and roastery based in Lathlain, Western Australia. At Laika, we’re on a mission to bring you the tastiest coffees we can find, by the best producers we know, from all over the world. We believe every cup of coffee has a story to tell, and as roasters, our goal is share those stories with as many people as possible.”


Open 6:30-3:00 Monday to Friday and 6:30-2:30 Saturday/Sunday Laika invites you to drop in for a brew and to observe the roasting process.

Upon walking through the doors the first thing you notice is the roaster, on show for everyone to appreciate the whole process.


“At Laika, we choose to roast and deliver single origin coffees only. Our feeling is that the quality of green coffee has grown so much over in recent years, that blending is no longer a necessity for coffee roasters, and instead roasters can focus on individual coffees, with greater consistency and transparency than ever before. By roasting singles only, we are able to share a clearer story with our customers, and represent the coffee growers and producers as well as possible.”


“When it comes to roasting, we profile all our coffees with the end result in mind. We roast some coffees to a degree where they’ll be tastiest when served white (such as a fat white, or as a plunger with a dash of milk), and others to be best enjoyed black (either as a straight espresso, a batch brew, or anything inbetween). Our goal is that, by roasting our coffees dependant on whether you’ll add another ingredient like milk, we’ll create roast profiles that not only best represent everything that goes into a great cup of coffee, but are also the tastiest they can be, no matter how you enjoy drinking coffee.”

The Roasts

Filter - Elias Roa


Elias Roa is seen to be one of the most innovative coffee farmers in Colombia, well known for his picking experiments with renowned Norwegian coffee roaster Tim Wendelboe. This coffee, a sun dried “natural” Caturra lot, is a fine example of some of Elias’ successful processing projects.

Origins: La Plata, Huila Colombia - Caturra Natural 1800 MASL

Tasting notes: Papaya, juniper, red apple. Best served black.

Espresso - La Marianela


This coffee comes from the La Marianela, owned by agronomist Hernan Dorronsoro. Situated in the Piendamo province of the Cauca Department, in the southwest of Colombia, this farm sits at an altitude 1700 to 1800 metres, and is rich with ashy, nutrient rich soil.

Origins: Piendamo, Cauca Colombia, Costa Rica 95 Washed 1800 MASL

Tasting notes: Apple, honey, dark chocolate Best served with milk.

This months roasts are of an extremely high standard and some of the best we’ve featured. Elias Roa is one of our favourite filters we have ever tried and while the La Marianela is great with milk we think it shines as a simple espresso or a long black.

Enjoy, CS

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