November 2021: Timely Coffees

November 2021: Timely Coffees

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Introducing Timely Coffees, a staple in the Perth coffee scene and the kind of business we would like to see more of. Headed up by Seb Prosser who you may remember from an earlier featured roaster ‘Laika’. Timely Coffees not only sources and roasts exceptional coffee but also gives back to the community through an open focus on mental health, active recognition, gender minority groups and of first nations people and an informative YouTube channel used to discuss the finer details of their coffees and business.

Since inception, Timely Coffees as a brand have evolved into a more dynamic and forward thinking outfit and we have loved seeing the initiatives their team has come up with. Safe to say we’re excited to have Timely on board this month and we think you’re going to love what they have supplied for us.

“The name Timely Coffees comes from the idea that the coffees we represent are important in the right here and now. These coffees not only represent the trends and influences of the industry, but are traded, roasted, and represented in a way which is sustainable for producers. For example, we trade with our farmers (through export partners) on an ongoing basis, holding ourselves to be contractually obligated to return to purchase coffee from the same producers year after year. This commitment to showing up for producers at every harvest is one way we can make a real impact as this helps to alleviate some of the economic uncertainty coffee producers face.

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You may notice that we refer to every coffee by the names of those who grew them, as well as sharing the narrative of where the coffees come from. We also always draw attention to what the farmer has control over. You'll notice that we talk about "post harvest" details, as these are crucial decisions made by producers. Altitude on the other hand is not included on our boxes, as the farmer practically has no influence over the altitude of their crop, and so this is not something we feel is important to relay back to consumers.

The take-home here is that we, as consumers, need to understand that the decisions producers are making at origin are the most important in determining quality. This is what we should be focusing on, celebrating, and rewarding.”

The Roasts

The coffees we're sharing with OCS are two of our house coffees with one single origin. These coffees include some of our most long term sourcing projects.

Espresso - Pedro Gabarra is a 6th-generation producer who grows coffee with his father, Joao Newton Teixeira. Environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance to Pedro and Joao. In 2019, they received an award for being the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil. The farm is also a rehabilitation and release area for native bird species and has 2 aviaries.

Origin - Brazil

Varietal - Castillo/Mixed

Process - Pulped, then fermented without the use of water.

Tasting Notes - Sweet & Rich

Producer: Pedro + Joao




Filter - For filter subscribers, we've roasted Timely Three, This micro-lot was produced by members of the Twaranyuzwe Co-operative in Kayanza Province, in Burundi’s northern region. The co-op has almost 200 members, all of whom are smallholder coffee farmers. The co-op itself was established in 2013. Members contributed coffee to Kavumu washing station, where this coffee was processed and dried after harvesting.

Origin - Burundi, Kayanza Province

Varietal - Bourbon

Process - Fruit removed, then dry fermented for 12 hours, then submerged in water for 14 hours.

Tasting Notes - Bright and complex with light fruits.




OCS Select - Mota Bandeira

Origin - Ermera, Timor-Leste

Varietal - Hibrido de Timor, Moka, Typica Moka

Process - Dried on raised beds and bamboo sheet beds, processes at Malabe and Atsabe Mills.

Tasting Notes -


DESCRIPTION: This micro-lot was produced in Timor-Leste's west-central region, in the municipality of Ermera. The coffee was processed at two different wet mills, Atsabe and Malabe. It was grown by groups of producers who contribute coffee to these two mills. With support from Raw Material (a green coffee company), producers from this region aim to sustain coffee quality, connect with roasters for long-term contracts, and overcome challenges associated with selling to a specialty coffee market.

Thanks to Nat, Ish, Steph, Giorgia, and Seb of Timely for all their hard work preparing their beautiful coffee for us this month!

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