May 2023 - Perk

May 2023 — Perk

For the month of May, we're featuring coffees by Perk (that's us!). To learn more, visit or follow @perkcoffeesubscriptions on Instagram!

An interview with Perk (by Perk!)

This month, we are featuring coffee that is very special to us - Perk's own coffee, roasted by Perk. You may be curious as to why we decided to roast our own coffee this month. The answer is simple - we are incredibly passionate about coffee! We started this tradition in December of 2022; once or twice a year, we seek to source the best and most delicious lots we can find specifically for you, our subscribers, and feature them as Perk Special Edition coffees. These are coffees that are selected specifically and exclusively for you, that you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy!

What excites you about coffee?

We are thrilled by the wide range of options that the coffee industry has to offer. From exceptional coffee producers all around the world to diverse roasting techniques, there is an abundance of great coffee to explore. We love being able to engage in various aspects of this industry, and to provide you the something new and exciting with each installment.

If you could recommend one song to listen to while drinking your coffee, what would it be?

As usual, we reccommend listening to something high-energy and fun. Meditjin ft. JessB by Baker Boy is a great choice!

La Plata

Andino Especial

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
We love how buttery this coffee is. It tastes like shortbread and meringue, and is absolutely delicious with milk.

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Miranda Bailey, former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital from Grey’s Anatomy. She’s quick-witted, incredibly learned, and strives for perfection. This coffee reminds us of just that!

What's one interesting fact about where this coffee was grown?
This coffee is sourced from small to medium scale growers with farms ranging from 2 to 5 hectares in the municipality of La Plata, Colombia. These growers come from generations of coffee farmers from the region, with some from nearby municipalities such as Inzá or Pedregal of Cauca. The farms are tended to by families, with increasing involvement from women and younger generations. Traditionally, the farms have grown varieties such as Caturra and Typica, but some growers have begun to plant leaf rust resistant varieties, as well as exotic varieties like Gesha and Pink Bourbon. In addition to coffee, some farms also grow other smaller crops such as sugar cane, avocado, and plantain.






What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
We love how clean and balanced this coffee is, but it’s got serious flavour. It’s also got great acidity, and is sparkly and lucious. It’s everything!

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Evelyn Wang, the main character from Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. She’s known for being strong-willed and resolute in the midst of chaos. This coffee, with all its inctricacies, reflects those same qualities. It’s complex, but at the end of the day, it’s a delicious cup!

What's one interesting fact about where this coffee was grown?
This coffee was grown by coffee producers in Bruselas, who work on small farms with an average size of 3 hectares. Knowledge of coffee cultivation has been passed down through generations of family members, resulting in a thorough understanding of the practice. In recent years, producers have expanded their cultivation to include varieties like Pink Bourbon and Gesha, and have made improvements to the post-harvest process, such as using closed containers for fermentation and longer fermentation times. Caravela, a green coffee exporter, has been collaborating with the growers to enhance pre-harvest, harvest, and post-harvest practices and adopt sustainable farming methods.




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