May 2021: Humblebee Coffee

May 2021: Humblebee Coffee

Humblebee Coffee Roasters

Situated in a leafy street in the North Perth suburb of Mt Hawthorn sits Humblebee, a boutique coffee roaster With a focus on thoughtfully sourced seasonal coffees and an uncompromising attention to detail. Humblebee have developed a method for sourcing small coffee lots that can be used as filter and espresso and roasting each coffee both ways. This method brings out the best of each coffee and allows consumers to understand the subtle differences in roasting brought on by different roasting profiles. This month we’re super excited to bring you two single origins to, each roasted differently for espresso and filter.


From Zach - Head Roaster & Cafe manager Hazel

“For six years now, we have been dedicated to bringing the best to Perth’s coffee scene. We believe that the recipe for the very best cup of coffee could not be more simple – small lots of coffee, roasted in small batches and served through either filter or espresso. Our selection of coffees grow and change as we find spectacular lots to share and highlight. In terms of roasting style, head roaster and founder Zach was inspired by the Nordic style of lighter roasts, tweaking to create a roasting style that’s uniquely Humblebee, with the goal of highlighting the best characteristics of each lot of coffee to allow them to truly express themselves once brewed. 

Humblebee started as the first micro-roastery in Perth that was attached to a coffee bar, with the entire roasting to brewing process on full display to each customer who walks in. Head roaster Zach wanted to deliver the quintessential coffee experience to the people of Perth, with strong focus on celebrating coffee in its purest forms, while showing the love and care that goes into every cup of coffee served, and bag of coffee bought.”

Happy brewing!

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