April 2023 - Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

April 2023 — Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

For the month of April, we're featuring coffees by Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters! To learn more, visit neighbourhoodcoffee.com or follow @neighbourhoodcoffeeroasters on Instagram!

An interview with Alex from Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters:

What's one thing everyone should know about you?

Hospitality runs deep for Neighbourhood Coffee Roaster's founder, Alex Ridgway. He grew up living above his parent's famous Caxton Street restaurant, Rags, where he was surrounded by fine artisans, gourmet ingredients and excellent service. Immersed in Brisbane's dining scene, he developed a passion for how good food, wine and coffee can bring people and communities together. He’s passionate about all things food and sensory, a lover of growing food for home and has about 20 coffee trees in his backyard.

What excites you about coffee?

Range of flavours you can achieve through variety, processing, roasting and brewing.

If you could recommend one song to listen to while drinking your coffee, what would it be?

4am In NY - bLAck pARty, Anajah

Smooth Operator

Cocaka Co-op

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
This coffee is a textural delight. If you love creme brulee, butterscotch or soft caramels this blend will play your tune. Smooth, creamy, and floral this coffee has fantastic balance. With its low acidity, the richness and viscosity are matched by its sweetness. When brewed correctly finishing notes of fruit emerge yielding a full mouthfeel experience. This is a great coffee to brew at home especially when using Espresso, Aeropress and Cold-Brew.

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Fat Albert.

What's one interesting fact about how this coffee was grown?
The balance.

What's one interesting fact about where this coffee was grown?Hand harvested cherries are sorted at their arrival to the station in two methods: hand-picking and floating. They are then pulped and the beans are stored in fermentation tanks covered with sheeting for 8 hours. Following this step, the coffee is washed to remove all the mucilage, and eventually dried on raised drying beds.

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Ned Flanders.


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