July 2021: Fiori Coffee

July 2021: Fiori Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Perth’s wine country is the home of our July featured roaster, Fiori Coffee.

Fiori Coffee, a family owned coffee roastery have been supplying many Perth cafes and coffee snobs with delicious specialty coffee for the past 15 years. With multiple awards under their belt Fiori have selected four different coffees to feature this month, three single origins and a fan favourite blend.

Employing a hands on approach to green coffee sourcing, Fiori stay ahead of the curve with a team of dedicated Q graders who (during non Covid times) travel to exotic locations across the globe to search for new and exciting coffees. This practice helps to minimise third party costs and ensures more money gets to farmers at the start of the supply chain, allowing them to improve their practices and grow better coffee!

From fiori - “Our purchasing philosophy is based on the quality of the cup. As when it comes down to it, that is what your customers will judge it by. For FiORi to continually deliver award winning coffees, we need to work together with our contacts at origin to help them produce an outstanding green bean.

By pursuing ethically sourced and direct trade coffee, we are enabling the farmer to achieve a fair price for their product, while ensuring FiORi has the highest quality coffee available. Our ability to obtain the best coffee direct from farmers allows FiORi to maintain this quality.”

Great coffee doesn’t just happen. You have to go to origin to source it. With our continued support of the farming communities, we are ensuring their ability to continually produce an amazing coffee.

The Roasts

This month Fiori Coffee have selected four different coffees to feature. We have a decadent blend for our espresso subscribers, a single origin from Colombia for filter. Our OCS Select subscribers have a single from El Salvador for espresso and a single origin from Kenya for filter.

Espresso - Holy Roller Blend

Origin: Mixed

Flavour Profile: This cup has strong chocolate, toffee, baked stone fruit with a velvety body.





Untitled design-33.png

 Filter: El Salvador, La Reforma

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Apaneca Llamatepec

Producer: Collection of Farms

Varietal: Kenyan SL-8

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1300 – 1450 MASL

Flavour Profile: Berry banana, jasmine cacao and cinnamon.

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