January 2023 - Timely Coffees

January 2023 — Timely Coffees

For the month of January, we're featuring coffees by Timely Coffees! To learn more about Timely, visit timelycoffees.com.au or follow us on Instagram at @timelycoffees

An interview with Seb and Giorgia:

What's one thing everyone should know about you?

Timely has always been a values-driven company and we always aim to operate in a manner that is consistent with our core values: responsibility, generosity and no BS. We believe that by operating true to these values, we can create a brand and a culture that people can be proud to be a part of. Transparency and fairness in the supply chain, maintaining good sustainability practices, creating a safe environment for LGBTQIA+ staff and customers, and donating to charities close to our hearts are just some of the ways we put these values into practice.

What excites you about coffee?

We love exploring how we can communicate our product to our customers in a way that is exciting and engaging. For example, we like to express flavour profiles for each coffee through colour - we created the Timely Colour System, a set of colours that are assigned to every coffee we roast. These colours represent a defining characteristic of that coffee — for example, coffees that have a yellow label are "sweet”!

If you could recommend one song to listen to while drinking your coffee, what would it be?

CUFF IT by Beyoncé. It's the kind of song you can't help but move to, and a few of our staff have taken to doing a little dance every time it comes on at HQ!


Timely Three

Where is this coffee from?
Colombia (Buenavista Municipality, Quindío Department), Brazil (Alta Mogiana Region, State of São Paulo), and India (Chikmagalur Region)

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
We love how flexible this coffee is, whether you have it with or without milk. It's sweet and familiar and is the kind of coffee you can drink on a daily basis. It's radiant, warm, and will leave you glowing!

What is one interesting fact about how or where this coffee was grown?
- Colombia: This portion of the blend was grown by Sara Gutierrez, a 3rd-generation coffee producer from Qunidío. Sara is always in pursuit of developing innovative processing methods that yield new and delicious flavour profiles.

- Brazil: This portion of the blend was grown by Flávia and Gabriel Oliveira on their farm, Labareda. Sustainability and social responsibility are key at Labareda; vegetation is protected around natural water sources, water is recycled for grain washing, coffee pulp is reused as fertilizer, and trees are planted annually.

- India: This portion of the blend was grown by producers that grow coffee in four different districts along the Western Ghats mountain ranges in India. This lot comprises Robusta coffee, a species of coffee tree different from what we usually see in the “specialty coffee” industry. The Robusta plant is very high-yielding, and it is naturally resistant to pests and diseases.

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Confident, determined, and radiant!


Where is this coffee from?
Ethiopia (Gedeb Woreda, Gedeo Zone)

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?
This coffee reminds us of a disco ball. It's bright and sparkly, and makes you want to dance! It's packed with flavour and has soft complexity that is perfectly matched with lingering acidity. It’s floral, juicy, and delicious!
What is one interesting fact about how or where this coffee was grown?
Demissie Edema grew up on his parent's coffee farm in Gedeb, Gedeo, Ethiopia. The farm sits amongst a protected rainforest, which supports the conservation of the land's natural and thriving biodiversity. Since taking over the farm 25 years ago, Demissie has greatly improved post-harvest processing. A washing station, a mill, and exporting channels were built under his oversight, which allowed him to process his own coffee on-site, as well as coffee from neighbouring farms.

What fictional character does this coffee remind you of?
Prismo from Adventure Time. He’s powerful but calm, mythical but sensible, and loves to throw parties!













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