February 2023 - Elementary Coffee

February 2023 — Elementary Coffee

For the month of February, we're featuring coffees by Elementary! To learn more, visit elementarycoffee.com.au or follow @elementary_coffee on Instagram!

An interview with Andy from Elementary:

What's one thing everyone should know about you?

We're one of the most well known and best roasters in Adelaide, and are a small family run business. Our focus is pretty much just coffee - we drink it and we want it to taste amazing. We get pleasure from selling it to people who appreciate it!

What excites you about coffee?

The entire supply chain is so interesting, but we love tasting and purchasing new coffees and then dialling them in to perfection on our setup. There's nothing more satisfying than tasting and tweaking your roasts.

If you could recommend one song to listen to while drinking your coffee, what would it be?

By Fire - Hiatus Coyote

Young Street Blend

La Casa Negra

What's your favourite thing about this coffee?

Young St is the blend which we run on bar for our own cafes and wholesale friends and is fine tuned exceptionally for milk coffees. We are focused on working with the same farms year in year out, and so this blend represents both the strength of those partnerships alongside our sustained commitment to quality in the cup.

What's one interesting fact about how this coffee was grown?

This coffee is grown by Carlos Arcila at Finca Casa Negra. Carlos is a third-generation coffee farmer with two farms, which he inherited when his father passed. Carlos is the brother of a star producer Jairo Arcila; coffee quality runs in the blood!


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