February 2021: Modus Coffee

February 2021: Modus Coffee

Modus Coffee in Mount Lawley, Perth

Modus Coffee in Mount Lawley, Perth

This month we feature one of our all time favourite roasters. Known for their single origin sourcing prowess, they deserve to be considered among the best roasters Australia has to offer.

Modus Coffee Roasters was started in December 2016, founded by Sam Robins and Tobias Glass. After Modus decided to start roasting in 2018 they were joined by Rachel Elliott who brought to the team years of experience in sourcing and roasting. These are three well known faces in the Perth coffee scene, together they share a wealth of experience, knowledge and talent.

When we met with Rachel and Sam we discussed the ideas behind Modus, in particular the strategy used for sourcing green beans. Rather than trying to roast so many different origins and use farmers that they may not have a relationship with, Modus focus on developing lasting bonds with a select few farmers.

This approach allows farmers the security to experiment with different processes and reinvest in their businesses. The result is a sustainable future for the industry and better coffee for the consumer. We’re excited to present four different single origins this month for our filter, espresso and select subscribers.

Rachel doing what Rachel does at Modus HQ

Rachel doing what Rachel does at Modus HQ

“We started roasting in June 2018 when we launched a collaborative roasting space. Creating our own little local coffee community, learning from each other whilst roasting delicious coffee.”

Beyond the ritual of coffee making and drinking, we wanted to create a space where minimising wastage is embraced for its ethical benefits, not just its economical ones. We employ like-minded people, treating them in a way that is respectful of their time and efforts, and we’re committed to finding ethical ways of sourcing coffee and creating equitable relationships with the people that produce them.

We aim to showcase delicious coffees from around the world and roast them in a way that reflects their natural characteristics.”

The roasts

Vincente Rojas Bag Side.png

Espresso: - Vincente Rojas

Origin - Finca Buena Vista farm, Huila, Colombia

Varietal - Caturra

Process - Washed

Tasting Notes - White Tea, Cacao, Candied Almonds

MASL - 1500

Farmer - Vincente Muñoz Rojas’ farm, Finca Buena Vista sits around 1500 masl in the municipality of Pitalito within Huila, Colombia. Buena Vista is around 7 hectares in size, and is planted mostly with the Caturra variety. Through a program with BanExport and Cafe imprts, Finca Buena Vista is able to access support for harvesting, processing and sensory analysis to help improve the consistency and quality of each lot, every harvest. After the ripe cherries are picked, they are fermented for 24 hours before being washed and dried for 10 days on raised drying beds.

Ruben Gomez Bag Side.png

Filter:  Rubén Gómez

Origin - Cartago, Costa Rica

Varietal - Caturra, Bourbon

Process - Washed

Tasting Notes - Green Tea, Marmalade, Toffee

MASL - 2100m

Farmer - This lot was hand picked by Rubén Darío Gómez and his family before being pulped, fermented and dried on the farm itself. Rubén’s little 2 hectare farm, El Faldón sits up high at 2100 masl. When he first purchased his land, the high elevation and cool temperatures had deemed to be unsuitable for coffee production. Through hard work and persistence, Rubén’s production increased after every harvest, and the elevation and temperatures has helped contribute to the incredible cup profile that we are so lucky to taste in every sip!

OCS Select Espresso: - Alice Soto

Alice Soto Espresso Bag Side.png

Origin - Finca Garcilaso, Cartago, Costa Rica

Varietal - H1

Process - Natural

Tasting Notes - Citrus, Cacao, Biscuit

MASL - 2000

Farmer - Alice Soto’s farm, Finca Garcilaso, is a 43-hectare farm, in the Tres Ríos district of the La Unión canton, in the Cartago province of Costa Rica. Garcilaso is separated into smaller plots to help keep varieties separate allowing more traceability to the coffees they are producing. This lot comes from the 2-hectare subplot, San Carlos, that is planted with H1 (a hybrid of two varieties, Sarchimor and Rume Sudan). In recent years, the managers of the farm have completely re-vamped the operations of the farm to improve quality and production.


Muthuthuini Bag Side.png

OCS Select Filter - Muthuthuini Coffee Factory

Origin - Ruthaka Farmers Cooperative Society, Nyeri, Kenya

Varietal - SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian, K7

Process - Washed

Tasting Notes - Green Apple, Jasmine, Caramel

MASL - 2300m

Farmer - Muthuthuini Factory is operated by the Ruthaka Farmers Cooperative Society. With 3,557 contributing members delivering coffee cherries to be processed by Ruthaka’s seven washing stations. This lot comes from Muthuthuini in Nyeri, with contributing farms of up to 2300 masl. The average farmer in Kenya owns between 1/8 to 1/4 of a hectare and is growing other crops alongside coffee as well. Farmers can sell their ripe coffee cherries to processing factories, such as Muthuthuini, who mix the coffee from multiple farmers’ fresh crops to produce delicious lots like this one.

Thank you to the Modus team: Rachel, Josh Thomas, Toby and Sam, for making this month so Exciting!

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