August 2018: Little Owl Coffee

August 2018: Little Owl Coffee


Introducing: Little Owl Coffee Roasters. 

  • Winners of the 2016 Compak Golden Bean Awards.

"Little Owl Coffee Roasters is a family owned specialty coffee roastery and retailer, born and based in Perth WA. It all started with a vision to combine our love of great tasting coffee and our aspiration to continue to learn and create."

"Our owner and founder Tony has been supplying coffee to businesses for over 20 years and has always had one very simple aim: to produce and provide the very best coffee for his customers. With this aim in mind he started Little Owl and we have been sharing our delicious coffee to our wonderful customers since September 2014."


"We are excited to share our passion of coffee with like minded people and can’t wait to continue the journey with you by our side."

Locally Roasted

"We roast our beans carefully at our Myaree roastery, always aiming to bring out the complex and stunning flavours found in every cup. We work with IMF Italian Hybrid Roasters, updated with the most state of the art components and monitoring software which helps us roast with great consistency and a uniquely clean cup."

Sustainable Coffee Roasting:

"We ensure that we only source high quality green beans from locations that put a high focus on ethics and sustainability. We reuse and recycle as much as possible. Our hessian bags are regularly donated and used by local businesses for a wide range of uses like dog shelter beds, unique home-made hand bags, cushions and multiple gardening initiatives."

Perth Coffee Culture.

"Perth locals LOVE their coffee and you can now find a large range of roasters popping up left right and centre. We have been roasting for the last 4 years. Heavily concentrating on our blends, green bean origins and roasting profiles. We think it is important to roast to suit the beans we are using rather than to a particular style and with that in mind we believe we can offer a coffee and service which is unique to our roastery."

The roasts:


Espresso - Signature blend.

Origins: Honduras (San Marco), El Salvador (Oro Lavado), Colombia (Inza)

With balanced acidity and a peanut butter mouthfeel. This roast is perfect for the espresso lover and is best enjoyed black, however it still tastes fantastic with milk. 

Tasting notes: Hazelnut, sweet caramel and stone fruit flavours with subtle floral notes.

Filter - Nocturnal

Origins: Colombia (Popayan Reserve), Guatemala (Finca Linda Vista) 

Using a blend of Arabica varietals sourced from Colombia and Guatemala. Nocturnal is a heavy, rich, full bodied roast with balanced acidity.

Tasting notes: strong cocoa, cherry and caramel.

This roast is perfect for the someone searching for a coffee with a little more punch and can be enjoyed both black or with milk.


It's no question that this month's roasts are of an incredibly high quality. When we visited Little Owl HQ in Myaree, a suburb circa 15 minutes south of Perth we were very impressed with the professionalism of the shop and the equipment. Little Owl also have a state of the art training facility for aspiring baristas as well as an adjoining cafe, a treat for staff of the local businesses. We know our subscribers will enjoy Little Owl as much as we have this week. Keep an eye on your mailbox, it's coming!


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